Younkers Black Friday 2015 Ad and Deals: Younkers offers Online Deals, Big Savings, Online Shopping available

For one might not have such a great chance of shopping after that. The sale starts right at 5PM ET on Thursday and lasts till 3PM ET on Friday. The best part about the deal is that on any purchase of $10 or more shoppers will be getting a minimum discount of $10. On the sale days, shoppers will be able to get any sized double bed covers for $19.97.

Not only that the shoppers will also get to have the Living Quarters Micro cozy throws at only $6.97. Not only that the comfy throws are also available in the $19.97 and thus one can save a lot on all of them. The collection as well as the price range is always worth the buy. Earlier on, blankets were an expensive thing but now the shoppers can get to save at least 50% on each of them. The giftable throws exclusive collection from the Living Quarters and CASA can be afforded at $19.97. Then again, there are a number of animal welfare gifts like cute stuffed toys as well as cushions and mugs at low rates like $9.97.

The best part about the deals is that shoppers can get hold of the twin cold weather sheet sets at $14.97. No matter what the type is, is it cold weather performance or Fleece, all can be bought at $14.97. Also the king or queen sized monochrome sheets can be afforded at just $39.97 instead of the regular price of $150 – $170. Not only that, the 5- 10 thread count sheet set of any size can be obtained at a low price of $ 29.97. It is for the best that the shoppers should go for the Black Friday deal so that they can save a lot.

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