Truevalue Black Friday Sales and Ad: True Value Opening Hours on Thanksgiving Day? Great Discounts and Savings, Affordable 550 Dual LED Lights, Heated Fleece Throw and more

True Value released the 2015 Ad for Black Friday Sales just a few days ago, and it is composed of 8 pages covering tools and hardware. It shall be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and opens to public on Black Friday, November 27th. It is advised to verify the regional timings from local stores to avoid confusion.

The first post on True Value presented the readers with a first look on the first few pages and a brief overview of the deals and offers worth considering a visit to the stores. This article takes a deeper look some more deals that are promising and exclusive to the retailer. Talking about such offers, browse to Page 6 that features a 7.5 Ft Feel Real Northern Spruce Tree that has 2,250 branch tips, 550 Dual LED lights, 56” diameter branches, Bluetooth Sync Music Lights, and Folding Metal Stand at just $279 after 30% off of its usual price of $399.99. Holidays also bring the cooking spree and Pyrex 8-Pc Mixing Bowl Set that is regularly priced at $24.99 is available at $14.99 only. A 50×50 Ft Heated Fleece Throw with 3 Warm Settings and LED Indicators is available for $24.99 only. In the same rhythm, a 6-In-1 Fleece hoodie that converts to beanie, scarf and more is available for $5.99 only.

Page 8 is something adorable and affordable for pet owners as it features 27x36x3” Orthopedic Dog Bed or Suede Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed at $19.99, Plush Pet Bed is available at $9.97 only, a series of Plush Pet Toys are available at $1.99 and $3.99 after 30% off. A 50lb Pack of Dog Food from Pet Expert is on sale at a price of $15.99 after $4 off. In case there are birds, the Mesh Bird Feeding System is on special purchase at $9.97.

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