Pebbles Black Friday 2015 Sales and Deals: Pebbles Entices Shoppers on 50% Off on Kids Wear, Coach Fragrances, Gift Cards available

Once again, it is Black Friday and once again the sale has begun and this time it is greater than ever. This is a store which is giving out a lot of discounts on garments of all types as well as their accessories. The sale commences on Thursday at 2PM ET and runs whole day long. On that day one can get a lot of discounts as well as gain gift cards as well.

Not only garments, but you can have some of the electrical devices as well like the Proscan Tablet which you will get only at an unbelievable price of $49.99. Then again Dr. Dre solo drenched earphones are also up for sale just at $96.99. Coming to the shoe section, shoppers can find Women’s rampage boots at just $19.99 whereas the regular price of the same is $70.00 minimum. There is also a flat 50% off sale for Coach Fragrances and shoppers will be delighted to find the branded ones in such low costs. Not only that, there is also a 50% off on kids wear if one chooses from the brands like Mattel, Hasbro and so on.

Looks like shoes become the cheapest in this store as because one can men’s IZOD memory foam shoes at just $19.99 and men’s boots and dress shoes at $29.99. One can also get amazing collection of handbags in Peebles and that too at a lot of discounts, so that there is a lot of scope of saving up. Shoppers can choose any Valerie Stevens handbag and get it just at $29.99 whereas London Fogs are available at $39.99. Not only that, the Rampage Sling bags can be afforded at $19.99 so one can be the proud owner of any one of them anytime.

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