Palais Royal Black Friday 2015 Sales: Palais Royal gives away 60% percent deals, Huge Savings on Relic Handbags, Thanksgiving Day Hours and More

Palais Royal offers magnificent deals for Black Friday shoppers! The sale that is put forward by the Palais royal store and the sale commences on Thursday at 2PM ET. The sale has been put up for both the Thanksgiving Day as well as the Black Friday. It sells all the different types of products and the door buster sales give discounts on each and every product.

In the door buster deals, men’s boots and dress shoes are available in $29.99 which means about 50% can be saved up. Then again, the men’s IZOD memory foam shoes can be found at an affordable price of $19.99 which is unbelievably low price. Not only that, a number of stylish women rampage boots is available at the price of $19.99. One just has to choose the design and own it by just giving away the minimum price.

Apart from the accessories one also can get a number of daily use home appliances like a microwave which is available at a small price of$9.99 of which the regular price is $50. So you can save more than 60% of the same. Palais Royal gives a lovely collection of handbags and leather sling bags and during this sale, the bags become even more affordable than it formerly was. One can get assorted styles Nine West bags at just $29.99 and Valerie Stevens handbags in the same price, thus helping shoppers to save minimum 50% of the money. Speaking of Relic handbags, they are also available at affordable rates like $19.99 no matter what design you choose Also the Rampage handbags can be gained at the same price of $19.99. Also, there is a fun fact that the first 75 customers will be able to win a scratch off prize. Also there are chances of some games as well as activities in the store.

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