Old Navy Black Friday 2015 Sweet Deals and Savings: Old Navy provides 50% Flat Discounts on All Stores, Be the First 50 Shoppers

View all the Old Navy Black Friday Deals now for the Old Navy Black Friday weekend makes sure that the entire store is up for a flat 50% sale. The first section is the Old Navy Winter wear and there a lot of discounts are available for the Black Friday and Thanksgiving eve. Here the cardigans are in the range of $12.47 – $13.47 while on other days the range varies from$24.94 to $26.94. The sale commences on Thursday 4PM ET.

Also, there are a number of sleep sets and the price ranges are from $7.47 – $8.47 whereas the normal range for it is $14.94 – $16.94. One can get a huge collection of woolen toggle coats at $22.47 thereby being able to save up a lot of the same. In order to follow the trend, if you are up for the skinny jeans, then you will get them at$8. 25 and that is how one will be able to save almost 50% from this very store. In case of the rugged boots too, the scope of saving up is huge as shoppers get a good pair at $14.97.

Not only will the shopping gives ample joy to the shoppers, but there is also a chance of being the overnight billionaire by being one of the first 50 shoppers. So it is a nice way for the shoppers to find out if they can be lucky enough to win! Unlike the other stores, the sale is not only for one day. Thursday and Friday, there is a flat 50% discount on the entire store goods, whereas on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there is a flat 40% discount on the entire store so this can be a really perfect time for the shoppers to go for some winter wear shopping and save a lot as well.

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