Menards Black Friday 2015 Ad and Sales: Menards enables Shoppers to get the best deals on Stainless Steel Vacuum, Hillside Sleeping Bag and More, Opening Hours

Still a family owned business, Menard’s, released the Black Friday 2015 Ad recently and tried to cover everything possible from home goods, toys and electronics to tools and even foods. The Menard’s stores are opening at 6:00 AM EST on Black Friday, November 27th, and are good until stocks last till 12:00 PM EST. It opens again on Saturday, November 28th as well.

The previous article may be referred for a brief overview on the best deals from this retailer, whereas this one shall take a tour through the most promising and worth purchasing products this sale. Starting with the 6-Hour Sale, Page 7 has some things worth mentioning. It features some handy small tools such as knives from BG Paracord, BG Ultra Compact, Gerber 2-Pc Tactical selling at $7.99 each and $19.99 for the last one, and offering 73%, 60% and 50% offs, respectively. A 3-Pk 9 LED Pocket Light Set is available at just $5.99, whereas a 10-in-1 Compact Multi-Tool from BG is priced at $3.99 only, at straight 73% off.

Now, moving on to the list of products for 2-Day Sale, Page 8 is a good start. 750 Lumen Lantern and 1000 Lumen Flashlight from Guidesman are on sale for $14.99 and $19.99 only at a flat 50 % off. Enjoy the holidays with Dual-Fuel Portable Grill from Crossfire at just $79 after a rebate of straight $60.

Page 9 has a combination of outdoor electronics. 8MP LED Scouting Camera from BladeX is available at $39.99, Queen Air Bed in $29.99, Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle at $7.99, and Hillside Sleeping Bag at $9.99 only, and all at 50% off or more. Weather Channel Wireless Forecast Station can be purchased in $24.99 after a rebate of $25.

Page 10 includes beanie, T-shirts and fleece hoodies for men and women, all assorted brands, priced at $2.99, $3.99 and $14.99, respectively.

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