Lions vs Chargers Final Scores, Results and Updates: NFL Scores Week One

Lions vs Chargers Live Stream, Scores and Updates: Who is winning in this Week One NFL game? The Detroit Lions face the San Diego Chargers in Week One of the NFL 2015 season on Sunday, start time at 4:05 PM ET, at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, Ca.

The San Diego Chargers kick off their season by retaining quarterback Philip Rivers, who was rumored to be traded after disappointment of the news that the Chargers will be moving to Carson. Rivers signed a four-year, $84 million extension in August that would lock him up for a long period of time.

On September 3, the San Diego Chargers defeated the SF 49ers, 14-12, in the NFL Preseason. Brad Sorensen threw for 154 yards and one touchdown in 15-for-22 passes. Dreamius Smith rushed 13 times for 30 yards.

The Detroit Lions have higher expectation this season with quarterback Matthew Stafford at the center. Moreover, the Lions have the duo of Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate at the receiving end.

Last week, the Detroit Lions defeated Buffalo Bills, 17-10, in the NFL Preseason. Kellen Moore threw for 150 yards and one touchdown in 16-for-22 passes. George Winn rushed 14 times for 27 yards to lead the Lions.

Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers live stream is available on NFL League Pass. Lions vs Chargers tv channel schedule is on CBS. Lions vs Chargers scores and results will be posted here after the game. Who will win this match?

NFL Scores Week 1

Colts 14
Bills 27

Packers 31
Bears 23

Chiefs 27
Texans 20

Panthers 20
Jaguars 9

Bengals 10
NY Jets 31

Seahawks 31
Rams 34

Dolphins 17
Redskins 10

Saints 19
Cardinals 31

Lions 28
Chargers 33

Ravens 13
Broncos 19

Bengals 33
Raiders 13

Titans 42
Bucs 14

NY Giants 26
Cowboys 27

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