GOP Republican Party Debate Live Jeb Bush capable of winning?

Will Donald Trump be able to gain more than the others in the GOP debate?The first GOP debate among the top 10 presidential hopefuls is underway. While there are 17 candidates in the Republican Party, Fox News invited only 10 on the stage while the seven were given a chance in the pre-debate time in a forum.

When it comes to watching the GOP Presidential debate online, Fox News has made it difficult to watch. The GOP debate can be seen live stream on Fox News website here. Moreover, it is also available for smartphones and game consoles, allowing all the viewers with cable accounts to watch on the go.

Playstation owners can watch the debate by signing up for a free trial of Playstation TV, and Xbox 360 owners can watch the debate using the Fox News app. Cable TV login credentials for the app are the same ones used to sign in to online subscription-based services like HBO Go.

The GOP Presidential debate provides all of us the avenue to look at the possible nominee for the party, and might be the next United States president.

Though real estate mogul and reality tv star Donald Trump leads in the national polls, he has a lot to show forth in this debate. Trump surges when he declared himself as one fo the presidential aspirants for the GOP.

Jeb Bush will have to do a great job to win other Republican s. Bush is expected to receive criticisms and attacks from his colleagues but he must bring the best of him in defending himself.

GOP Presidential debate live stream online is on Fox News Stream. GOP Republican Party tv channel schedule is on Fox News. Start Time is at 9:00 PM ET.

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