Seattle Seahawks Rumors: quarterback Russell Wilson’s contract still on negotiation

The Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson are still on negotiation about signing a contract of extension or until the end of the month of July this year, when his rookie term expires.

Rumors just keep on circulating even in the midst of silence made by both parties. It has been reported that the Seahawks have made an offer to Wilson of a package value of $21 million every year. The existing offer may be sound good but Wilson seemed to wish for more than the said offer. With this news, Wilson may want to be paid higher.

The two sides have a lot of terms and conditions to work on within few days before the expiration of the current contract. Aside from the major issue on cash up front, the negotiation includes the possible additional guarantees and yearly salary.

At this point of time, Wilson has not declined anything yet from the Seahawks. He has been thoroughly reviewing the offer with Mark Rogers, his agent.

The Seahawks and quarterback Wilson are expected to come up with a deal that will surely satisfy both parties.

According to, the Panthers gave Cam Newton $30 million cash up front in his new extension. By contrast, sources familiar with the situation say Wilson would make (under the latest offer) below $20 million cash up front. Those in Seattle say there are significant guarantees, but most of the guarantees are simply for injury only.

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