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Sportsman’s Warehouse Black Friday Crazy Deals: Sportsmans enthralls shoppers on Stanley Products, Honda Generators, Garmin Oregon and More

Sportsman’s Warehouse revealed the plans for Black Friday 2015 with the 4-page ad just a few days ago, which extensively covers fishing and hunting equipment, gear and outdoor essentials. The door busters begin on Black Friday, November 27th from 6:00 AM EST to 10:00 AM EST.

The previous post presented a brief overview of the complete list, which may be referred for a little insight. This one is for those who are keen on purchasing equipment for the upcoming holiday season with a deeper look at the competitive pricing and deals worth appreciating.

Talking about great offers on accessories, Page 3 is a good start. There is a host of items listed in it such as Zeiss 10×42 Terra ED Binoculars priced at $349.90 slashed by straight $100 off the usual selling price, a series of Rifle Telescopes can be purchased starting at $129 to $399 from Vortex Viper, Zeiss each with $50 off of the usual selling price. For outerwear, consider Scarf & Beanie or Hoodie Combo from Rustic Ridge at $3.99 and $19.99, respectively, with $20 off, Sportsman’s Warehouse Logo Hoodies at $19.99, and Rustic Ridge Bomber Jacket at $35 off for $34.99 only. Muddy Girl’s Vest is available for purchase at $29.99 slashed from $59.99. Garmin Oregon 600 is available at $180 off for just $219, and much more similar stuff is on sale.

The next page offers shoes & slippers, fishing equipment and other accessories at dirt cheap prices. In addition, all Stanley Products are at 20% off, Honda Generators of capacities between $1000W and 2000W are at $100 off, 3000W is at $150 off, and 3000W Handi Generator is at $200 off. A series of Weston Products like Vacuum Sealer, Meat Slicer & Grinder, Sausage Shuffler, and 500W Dehydrator are on sale at $49.99 each, after 50% off or more.

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Panasonic Black Friday Deals and Ad: Panasonic offers “You Pay What We Pay” Deals, Hot Deals, Slashed Prices and More

Panasonic revealed the Black Friday 2015 Ad a few days ago and it promises that “you pay what we pay”, referring to the reduction of prices across all listed products to the bare cost price instead of the marked price. It could mean that it is giving away up to flat 75% off of the listed items that includes a 55” 4K Pro UltraHD Smart TV at just $1499 or Smart Network 3D Compatible Blu-Ray Player for just $89.99, exclusively, at Panasonic.

The previous article was a brief overview of the deals worth noticing and this one shall ponder deeper into the most promising deals, in its segment, found exclusively at Panasonic, and worth purchasing if there are plans already. Page 7 introduces to some crazy deals on Home Monitoring Electronics such as 2 Cordless Handsets from Link2Call at $49.95, and a 5-Handset Cordless Phone + Answering Machine at just $99.95 slashed from $79.95 and $149.95, respectively. The Ultimate Home Connected & Surveillance Kit worth $799.95 can be purchased for just $229.95 only that consists of 12 Devices.

Page 8 is targeted towards hygiene and grooming with Hair Trimmer, Water Flosser, and Shavers priced at $29.99, $49.99 and $69.99 slashed from usual prices of $59.99, $99.99, and $129.99, respectively. This page also features a series of other grooming devices for men and women starting from 24% to 50% off.

Page 9 has some essential items like Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor worth $179.95 at $89.95 only, whereas portable Blood Pressure Monitors can be purchased for just $19.99 and $29.99 only after flat 57% off. There is New Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device for Soft Skin Users at $249.99.

The deals are good online at from November 24th, Wednesday. Some are good only on Black Friday, so take a note when going through the Ad.


AAFES Black Friday Sales and Ad: AAFES provides magnificent price on Fitbit Surgh, Samsung Gear slashed prices, and More

The Black Friday 2015 Ad was revealed a few days ago from AAFES and it covered a lot of ground from electronics to food supplies. An article was also posted to let our readers acknowledge the most promising deals from the retailer amidst so much competition. AAFES opens nationwide on Black Friday, November 27th at 4:00 PM EST.

This article shall take a plunge into some more competitively priced items and deals exclusive to this retailer. Beginning from Page 7, there are special offers on sound systems for music lovers. It features $50 off on the popular SONOS Play 2 Room Set now available at $279.50. It also has breathtaking deals on Bluetooth Audio Bars from Sony and Samsung, where Sony has a 7-Channel 4K Receiver priced at $199.99 slashed by $150 and Samsung is at $149.99 after $120 off.

Page 8 is something of a treat for photographers with deep discounts on cameras. GoPro from Hero is also an off + Gift Card. A regularly priced HD-DSLR from Nikon at $649.95 is available at just $399.95, whereas Canon EOS Rebel Bundle Kit is also available at the same price slashed from $649.95. Sony Military Exclusive Camera Bundle is available at $499.99 after $100 off.

Page 9 is for a little more juice with External Battery Pack for iPhone from Mophie, charging cables at $6.99, and portable chargers at $7.99 only. Page 10 is also very unique with attractive offers on Smart watches & Activity Trackers from Tom-tom, Samsung, Fitbit, and Garmin all featuring between $40 and $70 off. Fitbit Surge is available at $199.95, whereas Samsung Gear is priced at $79.95 slashed by $40 and $70, respectively.

AAFES has an impressive array of products ranging from Smart UHDTVs to food supplies and also has coupons within the ad for extra discounts on purchases.


Rite Aid Black Friday Sales and Ad: Rite Aide offers Nivea, Conair Colgate at Lower Prices, More Savings, Store Opening Hours and More

Rite Aid also revealed the 2015 Black Friday Ad some days ago featuring a whole lot of deals on car essentials as well as ideal gifts for mechanic friends and relatives. It consists of 2 Pages folded into 8 Pages full of crazy discounts on essential items. All Rite Aid offers are good from Thursday through Saturday. However, the in store deals commence from Black Friday, November 27th at 7:00 AM EST till November 29th.

The previous article presented an overview of the entire ad with emphasis on the first few pages that consists of promising purchases. This one is targeted towards shoppers who plan to spend some time at Rite Aid to help them buy some good deals, exclusive to the retailer. Page 7 seems the beginning with discounts as well as Plenti Points equal to the prices that can be used for future purchases. It features bath & body products from Nivea, Conair, Colgate, TRESemme, Max-Freeze, Extra Energy, Sally Hansen TripleShine, OralB and many more name brands. They are all at a flat 50 % off of usual selling prices. Page 8 is an extension of these incredibly low priced items. It includes Conair Hair Accessories at just $12.99 slashed by $5, Express Pedicure Foot Smoother from Dream Walk at $29.99, Gilette/Venus Disposable Razors at just $7.99 after $4 off, Scalp Therapy Shampoo from Clear at $2.99 after $2 off, Carefree at $1 after $1 off, Listerine Pocketpacks and Floss at $2.99 after $2 off, and Cold Relief Tablets, Lip Balm at $3.99 after $3 off. Thus, it covers a lot of everyday essentials at great prices worth stocking up ahead of holidays.

Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26th is exclusively for online sales, when only orders can be placed on discounted products that can be picked up from the nearby stores the next day, Black Friday.


Zales Black Friday 2015 Huge Savings and Deals: Zales allows shoppers to partake incredible discounts on crafted Jewelers, Gemstone and More

The diamond or stone retailer, Zales, had revealed the Black Friday 2015 Ad with huge discounts just a few days ago to let our readers know about the best deals in the city, from Zales. It covers about 40%-50% off necklace, pendants, rings and earrings, and more.

The previous article covered a lot of the deals, as it has been just 4 pages, presenting the readers with a brief overview and summary of what’s in store for the upcoming holiday shopping season. The doorbusters are covered in this one with a deeper look at the most promising and competitively priced items, including the ones that are exclusive to Zales.

It is easy to begin with Page 3 that features some awesome crafted jewelry at 40% off. A 1/3 Ct. T.W Pendant originally priced at $879 is available at $499.98, whereas a Blue Topaz & Lab-Created White Sapphire Pendant can be purchased for just $58.98 at almost half of the usual price. There is flat 50% off of rings of 1 Ct. and 2 Ct. Diamond available now at $649.98 and $1273.98, respectively after rebate. 4 Ct. T.W Bracelets are priced at $2198.98 that otherwise sells at $4289.

Endless Brilliance is selling earrings at 40% and 50% off with 1 Ct. T.W at $643.98, whereas a slightly lower priced design at $399.98. Bulova Men’s and Ladies’ Watches of Stainless Steel with Diamond Markers are priced at $99.98 after flat 60% off, on Page 4. This also introduces Candy Colored Gemstone Jewelry at 50% off starting at $199.98.

Zales is open for door buster sales storewide from Wednesday, November 25th to Wednesday, December 2nd. More importantly, the pictures represent the way the actual products look, not the sizes, but the look, which is very important before setting out to the stores.